Tuesday, July 28, 2009

♥ never break the chain.

image via style.com

is it just me -
or do the gloriously heavy-looking chain necklaces
from louis vuitton's fall fall 2009 collection
closely resemble the paper chains often
used in holiday decorating?

it makes me laugh to think that the
things we learn as children
can become so relevant once again
when the fashion world decides
to give it back to us in a flashier
+ more fabulous form.

images via flickr.

it sort of makes me want to break out this exciting necklace
given to me by my friend, timothy.
i mistook it at first for a glorified macaroni necklace--
but he assured me that it is an artpiece,
made entirely of glittered splattered and studded spools,
not uncooked pasta!

or maybe i will follow these instructions
and make myself a makeshift macaroni necklace
to tide me over until i can acquire the louis...

does anyone remember the toothbrush bracelet phase?
i never made one, but maybe i should get on the ball
and try this guide from gurl.com or buy one here.
before marc jacobs makes one out of gold and
sends it down the runway for his next
LV collection!

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. ha, toothbrush bracelets, i made some back in the day. :P

  2. i never did, but i am considering it now before the trend catches back on!!

  3. The chain decorations bring me back to our youth xo


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