Sunday, July 12, 2009

♥ luck consists of hanging on by your fingernails until things start to go your way.

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i have spent the better part of my life painting my nails.
as a school girl, i would entertain classmates (or maybe just myself!)
by painting my nails each night to match my outfit.
flowers, flags, glitter, lady buys, cow print, leopard print, hearts, plaid, stripes, dice:
you name the theme.
my nails have seen it.

needless to say,
i am virtually immune to the strong and impossible
stench of nail polish and remover,
and though not exactly ambidextrous,
i can paint my nails equally well with either hand.

if only i had known then what i know now.
: drum roll please :
presenting minx nail coverings,
the greener, faster, neater, less stinky + most exciting
way to update the look of your finger nails
since lee press.on!

forget everything you know about amateur nail painting.
minx nails are made of a flexible film
that is applied using a simple heat process that will not smudge or peel,
does not take hours to dry,
is not made of harsh chemicals,
will not leave your nails in horrible condition like acrylics,
:and my favorite feature of all:
can be customized with any image
to match exactly with your outfit!

here are some of my faves:

the process is done only by minx professionals. (find salons found here.)
and has been popping up in every magazine from vogue to glamour,
and on every celebrity fingertip from beyonce to eve to fergie to lady gaga.
thankfully now you don't have to be a celeb
to be a minx!

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5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. i am LOVING your posts! So good! :)

  2. I gave up on my nails long ago. Being a decorator and picking up tiles, moving furniture, just wasn't worth the constant chips, cost and time invested. What sucks is that I have great nails. They grow long and are very hard without any help. This sounds like a perfect solution. Thanks for this post. I'm enjoying your blog.

  3. thank you :)
    i have yet to try it but i need to try it! you can check out pics in the latest glamour and marie claire magazines and on beyonce's single ladies video!

  4. These are pretty, maybe they will make me stop biting my nails! Xoxo!

  5. The Obama nail pic is the most disgusting thing I have seen since the Dan Quail lolli-pop.


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