Friday, July 24, 2009

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may not look or sound familiar to you now,
but believe me–
this grammy.award nominated,
self.proclaimed time traveler from the future,
is poised on the edge of
musical greatness.

with appearances on the outkast musical film idlewild(2006),
and recently signed with p.diddy and bad boy records
ms. monàe has already been cited by
rolling stone and cnn alike
as one of the next most influential artists
in the years to come.

with the energy and charisma of james brown,
the voice of judy garland ,
the theatricality of andre 3000
and the androgynous funk of grace jones,
janelle monáe is out of this world,
just like her alien alter.ego,
cindi mayweather
whose story of falling in love with a human
is one that janelle has committed to tell
in her concept album, metropolis.

her performances are a whirlwind
of singing, painting, dancing and body surfing.
her style if a self.declared uniform:
a signature bouffant,
a white suit with thin black tie
{that closely resembles childhood hero, colonel sanders}
saddle shoes, white oxford shirts and high waisted black trousers.
she claims that her look is meant to detract
from the chaos and drama that she
generates onstage.

quoting maya angelou, she says,
"people may not remember what you said or what you were wearing
but they will remember how they made you feel,"
listen, here, and feel good.

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  1. She is so cool. I love her look, its so vintage and sartorial, but done in a unique way!!!


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