Saturday, July 18, 2009

♥ the magic's in the makeup.

marilyn minter photography

a quick glance in my makeup bag
will tell you one thing:
i have a slight addiction to m.a.c cosmetics.

i couldn't tell you exactly where or when
my fascination with this fabulous and flashy
makeup brand first started,
but i can say for certain
that working at bloomingdale's for a year
where i had an all.access pass
to the latest lipglosses, the newest nail polishes,
and the ever evolving eye makeup collections
only solidified my adoration and obsession with
all things m.a.c.

and even now in my post.retail days,
i could find myself standing at the m.a.c counter for hours,
coating my lips in layers of sticky new glosses and
covering the back of my palm in eye shadow hues
in the hopes that the next color
will take my look to the next level.

it is that hope of a new self – that greater "high"
that keeps me hopelessly addicted,
(not to mention the fact that my mother's lips are permanently m.a.c pink,
is on a first name basis with our local m.a.c artists
and keeps me well.stocked in any gloss
my pretty heart desires!)

needless to say, any time there is a new collection
(which always come out on a thursday for some reason)
the shiny new signage and the mere
promise of a more updated, glam look
makes my heart skip. a. beat.
and is exactly why i feel the urgent need to share
a sneak preview of the new fall collection,
which will launch august 20, 2009,
with you!

for the first time, m.a.c is celebrating what it's initials actually stand for:
the culmination of makeup and art and its ability to transform anyone
into a more glamorous and colorful version of themselves.

this exciting new collection will feature the work of
three celebrated new.york.artists,
who were able to bring the colors of the latest collection to life
using their own artistic styles and mediums.

the first (as shown above) is the photography of marilyn minter,
who took the new m.a.c glitter pigments as her inspiration to create a look
that was both "violent and decadent."

images via artnet

with provocative images that reduce women to a series
of sweaty, gritty, overtly sexualized, broken up body parts–
marilyn minter's photography has been blasted against
for years by feminists everywhere...
but her work is also adored by female icons like
who most recently used minter's most recent video project,
during her performance of the song, "candy shop"
on this year's sticky & sweet tour.

for those who do agree with marilyn's artistic style,
here is a colorful, eponymous retrospective, published in 2007.

the second is a portrait of a russian woman,
cleverly drawn using the colors of the latest m.a.c
eye shadows and liners by
whose highly accessible, witty & whimsical illustrations
are like visual eye candy that you want to consume in large mouth.fulls.

her artwork is everywhere and i do believe
that she has more creativity in her pinky finger
than i do in my entire body.

from her fabulous new york times blog "and the pursuit of happiness,"

to numerous covers of the new yorker.

to 12 children's books that she wrote and illustrated:

to the curious illustrations in the latest release of
strunk & white's grammar guide, elements of style:

to a book called (un) fashion, written by she and her late husband
tibor kalman, about unconventional world styles.

to collections for designers like kate spade,

i don't think maira kalman ever sleeps!
but if she does, and i am sure she does,
judging from her body of work alone,
i am sure her dreams are gorgeous.

last, but certainly not least is the painting with digital overlay

richard phillips painting

where his ever.current.looking work, spectrum (1998)
was specifically placed on the stairwell of bart & lilly bass,
in "the serena also rises" episode.

with artwork that consists of hyper.realistic, re.stylized images, (mainly
of women found in advertisements and pornography
from the 50's, 60's and 70's,
richard phillips' artwork speaks volumes about the pop culture
and politics of the times, without saying a word.
..and he's from massachusetts ♥

images from artnet

the makeup's all off.
who am i?

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  1. wow, your posts rock! and i live for MAC makeup!

  2. thank you :)
    if i could melt all my mac down into a puddle, i would roll in it.


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