Monday, July 6, 2009

♥ it's in the bag.

this post is dedicated
to the weary commuter
who is sick of toting around
lifeless lunch bags,
mismatched briefcases,
rumpled, crumpled sacks
+ beat.up backpacks.

to those
who are tired
of looking like a bag lady,
and just want to bring their lunch, makeup + high heels
to work in something with a little more panache.
look here,
my fellow travelers:
there is light at the end of the tunnel.

louis vuitton stephen sprouse neverfull found here.
this bag is better than a dream because it is real.
laundry bag from anya hindmarch.
although known for her "i am not a plastic" bag. i think this one is cuter!

heavy canvas tote bags from mythology.
i think i would need a top hat to go with one of these bad boys.

large anchor tote from
custom made from a recycled sails = hello sailor!!
bring this one to fleet week!

spray flower bucket bag by cath kidston.
small floral prints are huge this season!

proud to be woman tote from dvf.
i would wear anything diane von furstenberg doodled.

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with love found on juicy.
how about a nice punch of color to go with that morning coffee?

lady kitty tote by rosiemusic found on etsy.
i think this is the closest i will get to a jenny linsky bag. tote found here.
they also make cool pillows and necklaces,
and had a pop.up store recently at hudson in boston!

marc jacobs tote found here.
this bag is the proof that a rose by any other name,
would not smell as sweet!

peace & love totes from victoria's secret.
what's so funny about peace, love and understanding?

see by chloe doggie tote found here.
he is ugly, but he is all love.

hello kitty & abe lincoln totes from tarina tarantino.
my hero + my boyfriend's hero all in one place.

some of us wear our hearts on our sleeve,
others carry them on their shoulder.

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  1. such great posts! i think the see by chloe one is quirky and cute!



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