Thursday, July 2, 2009

♥ may i please remind you that it does not say r.s.v.p on the statue of liberty!

this year, i have decided to take a page
out of lady liberty's book,
and wear green on this 4th of july
in lieu of the ubiquitous red, white, and blue ensembles
that will undoubtedly be exploding like
fireworks all over the place this weekend.

a gift from france to celebrate america's centennial in 1886,
the statue of liberty is one of our country's most identifiable icons.
and much like the peppermint colored patina which covers the 
entire surface of this enlightened lady−
it seems like everyone is going green this year.

valentino's fall collection 
makes me want to put on a pair of glass slippers
and take a trip to the emerald city.

images from bazaar.

and i am green with envy over this gorgeous jade nailpolish 
and funky geometric accessories
that sprouted up all over this season's runway at chanel.

images found on

can someone please have a 4th of july fête
that involves ball gowns and intrigue...
so that i can perhaps wear a dress like the one
kiera knightley wore in atonement (2007)?

i promise,
there will be fireworks.

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  1. love the quote, ha. that dress you are wearing is adorable! love it! and good for you bucking the red, white, and blue trend. :)



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