Monday, July 13, 2009

♥ i am not a plastic bag.

hendrik kerstens photograph of paula via now in color.
an homage to vermeer.

in case you haven't gotten the memo -
plastic is out and green is in.

ok, ok so maybe one of the most arguably memorable scenes
from the oscar.winning film, american beauty (1999)
does happen to involve a plastic bag dancing and twirling in the wind
like a gorgeous autumn leaf.

maybe it's solitary beauty did move young, troubled teen ricky fitts to proclaim:
"sometimes there is so much beauty in the world,
i feel like i can't take it,
like my heart's going to cave in."

but you know what?
shy, depressed ricky fitts was all wrong.
what he should have been crying about
was not the simple beauty of a plastic bag blowing in the wind,
but rather the fact that trillions of plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year,
and of that, less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled.
or the fact that thousands of animals lose their lives to these plastic bags,
either by unknowingly ingesting them or being suffocated by them.
or the fact that land and ocean fills are overflowing with plastic bags,
which are breaking down into dangerous toxins that are contaminating our planet.
now that, my friends, is something to cry about!
and the sad thing is, its true.

it is up to us to save our planet.
you can start to take steps towards
erasing your carbon footprint by
making simple changes like:

taking a bike, public transportation or walking everywhere,
turning off all lights when they are not needed,
taking shorter showers,
setting your thermostat lower,
planting your own garden,
buying locally,
bringing lunch and beverages in re.usable containers,
recycling as much as you can,
borrowing library books over buying new ones,
supporting "fair trade" products and fair labor practices,
and bringing your own eco.savvy bag to market
instead of using earth killing plastic bags.

in case the handle has already torn off your flimsy grocery store tote bag-
here is your chance to win your very own

this bag is fabulous not only for the message that it spreads on the outside,
but the message of good will that it spreads on the inside.

100 % of proceeds for these cute organic totes goes towards
farm aid, the non profit organization committed to keeping family farmers on their land.

please leave a comment below with your name and email address.
i will be picking a winner at random,
and will announce it this friday!

10 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Hi your blog and couldn't agree more. I have about 10 different canvas/reusable bags and I always have one with me although none of them are this cute.

  2. Interestingly enough, today I am taking 45 students from the TAG program to walk along the beaches of Southie to do our own version of a Coastsweep Cleanup which is an Interbnational Ocean Conservancy program. Our data will be sent to Washington D.C. in an effort to shape national legislation to reduce the problem of the deterioration of our oceans...which let me remind you constitute two thirds of Earth's surface and are home to 97% of ALL life.

    Thank you, Ms. Chu, for giving everyone a glimpse of how glamorous Mother earth is!


  3. i need another glamorous tote... gimme!

  4. love this sami...your posts are really terric...

    Lisa at Lisa Teague Studios

  5. This is perfect for a bag lady like myself lol, i love totes xoxo

  6. Great pics and blog! I want a notplastic bag!

  7. i'm glad that i have you as a friend because then i wouldn't know anything about fashion!

  8. Way to be stylish and socially responsible Sami! I'm loving your postings so far!


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