Friday, July 10, 2009

♥ i see london. i see france..

john galliano's fall couture collection
will have you wishing it
were socially acceptable
to go out
in your underpants.

with petticoats a plenty,
gorgeous corsets + garter belts galore,
50's style brassieres + balloon skirts
all in the juiciest colors-
this collection
is a veritable explosion of
vintage under.things
+ all things glam.

while these looks are not exactly new or innovative,
they are certainly a tribute to what christian dior does best:
which is celebrate the female form.

in the years following world war II,
christian dior bestowed a gift upon
fashion.deprived women
all over the world
who had given up all luxuries and
worn boxy uniforms and civilian clothing
during war time.

"the new look"
as it was dubbed by time magazine in 1947
consisted of a fitted jacket
nipped in at the waist
and a calf.skimming full skirt
that required yards upon yards of fabric.

while this look, designed for dior's "flower girls"
is not exactly provocative by today's standards-
it sparked a lot of controversy back in the day
because of it's excessive use of fabric
and the frivolity that it promoted.

images via designmuseum.

if i could travel back in time,
i would want to live during the fifties
when the feminine shape
was emphasized
and every
meant to
show off a
woman's curves.

i was not meant
for modern

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