Friday, July 24, 2009

♥ if you live your life without expectations, the world comes to you.

if you have seen any of the
lovely and colorfully quirky wes anderson films, such as
the life aquatic with steve zissou (2004) +
the darjeeling limited (2007) {clip}

then chances are,
you will immediately recognize
indian american actor,
whose distinctive look
{a dark beard and black turban}
stands out amongst a sea
of all.too.similarlooking starlets.

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and while you may recognize this part.time actor,
who was lucky enough to land the roles without
any acting experience at all,
you may not know that
waris is also a talented and succesful
full.time jewelry designer,
whose eponymous line,
{ much like his acting career}
was born completely out of serendipity.

while shopping at Maxfield, a store in LA,
his ring, which spans the length of three fingers
was spotted by the store's buyer and an order was placed on the spot.

his jewelry line is handmade in india, italy, rome and japan-
and get this: waris does not make any of it himself!
claiming that it would take him twenty years to learn the craft,
he sketches out his ideas and leaves the work to the professionals.

his latest collection,
omnia vincit amor or love conquers all
was inspired by a mosaic bird tile
that waris spotted in the bathrom at hotel raphael in paris
and recreated using a traditional indian enamel technique
that hasn't been used in ages.
(watch a really cool video of with which follows
waris to india for the making of the
omnia vincit amor collection here.)

recently, the council of fashion designers of america and vogue
has nominated waris and nine other finalists for the
to be announced november 16th.
i will keep my fingers crossed,
but considering the luck waris has had already-
he doesn't need it.

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