Monday, July 20, 2009

♥ i see the moon. the moon sees me.

moon series, 2007

i have a distinct childhood memory of
lying on the floor of my mother's blue station wagon,
looking up at the night sky,
and watching as the glowing moon
seemed to follow us
all the way home.

how did it know the way to my house?
it was then and there that i reasoned:
the moon must be on wheels,
attached to a string that someone,
somewhere out there–
was pulling.

it is with this same wonder & fascination
that i dedicate this post
to the mysterious + ever.changing face of
my moon, my man.

the most quintessential personification of the lunar man,
comes from the george mèliés silent film,
which may look eerily familiar
as it was the main source of inspiration
behind the smashing pumpkins
1996 "tonight, tonight" video.

another of my favorite moon references in a film
will always belong to the
unforgettably romantic scene between young loves,
george bailey and mary hatch

"what is it you want, mary? what do you want? you want the moon?
just say the word and i'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.
hey. that's a pretty good idea. i'll give you the moon, mary.
then you can swallow it, and it'll all dissolve, see..
and the moonbeams would shoot out of your fingers and
your toes and the ends of your hair..."

the funny thing about this scene in particular is that they sing the lyrics:
"buffalo gals won't you come out tonight...
aaaaand dance by the light of the moon.."
which are sort of misleading, given that fact that the moon,
(which is essentially a big rock floating in the sky,)
does not emit any of it's own natural light
but rather reflects the light of the sun
back upon the earth.

forty years ago today, july 20, 1969
we won the space race and put american men on the moon.

and while this may have been a "small step for man,"
for designers like pierre cardin and andres courreges
it was a giant step toward a more futuristic space style
where bubble dresses,
plastic goggles, helmets, go go boots,
mini skirts and geometric shapes abounded
(even before the astronauts wore them!)

andre courreges "moon girls" collection
was the most highly replicated look of the 1960's.
if i could wear something like that
on a mission to the moon, i'd go!

why is it that pierre cardin's
"space age" clothing of 1964
look more modern than today's styles?
i don't get it.

lyn devon

peter som

zac posen


commissioned "man on the moon" inspired
works from american designers
from lela rose to zac posen.
above are some of my faves.

since the first time around,
i was nothing but a mere glimmer in my mother's eye,
it is exciting to learn that nasa plans to return
back to the moon by 2018.

and luckily, there are still many designers out there,
like the mulleavy sisters of rodarte,
whose fall 2009 collection
bids the question:
"can i just have one more moondance
with you, my love?"

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  1. Ah, I have not heard Feist in so long... was a staple in my iPod playlist when I bartended in Boston.


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