Thursday, July 30, 2009

♥ style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma.

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when i grow up i want to be like lily allen.
i know, i know, technically i am already older than her...
but don't you know that stars age differently?
sort of like cats..
for every one year of our lives are two for theirs. but i digress...

she's loud, she swears, she flashes her tatas everywhere, she wears hot pink wigs,
she kicks paparazzi, she doesn't give a $#*t, she's a bona fide badass,
yet at the end of the day she still winds up in front row at chanel,
gets to borrow whatever she wants from their new collections,
& has been handpicked and hand.styled by the. karl. lagerfield.
for the latest chanel coco cocoon campaign,
a luxurious sporty nylon collection
set to hit stores in october.

and i get it, the oversized tiara, the glasses, the ruffles,
the twisted up do, the long black gloves...
it all just screams modern day audrey in breakast at tiffany's (1961)

but if you ask me which audrey hepburn character lily allen is really comparable to,
i would say eliza doolittle of my fair lady (1964), over holly golightly, hands down.

with their all too similar cockney accents, unrefined manners,
love for flowers (allen studied horticulture for a little while), shameless banter, and quick wit,
these ladies are both a little rough around the edges, but they clean up very well!
so while some may think of lily allen being the new face of chanel as a step down for couture,
i like to agree with karl lagerfield, in his remark, that "she is fun!"
sometimes personality and playful presence make the purse.

in addition to the launch of the chanel campaign,
lily is also adding jewelry designer to her repertoire,
with an self.named collection that is due out this september in stores. drawing inspiration from tons of books,
her gypsy lifestyle, and her lifelong love of jewelry, the lily allen collection
abounds with coins, fruits, diamonds, smiles, traffic signs & animals.
i can't wait to see what the girl comes up with next.
knowing her, it will definitely be fun.

i would like to end this post with a little food for thought....
if lily allen is the brand ambassador and fresh face
for chanel, one of the biggest and
most well known luxury labels in the world,
what the hell is she doing singing a song
that is against mass consumption and
pre.packaged starlets..that she wrote?
she gives new meaning to the term 'walking contradiction.'

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  1. she looks perfect in those chanel photos! love it and love her. and i didn't know about her jewlelry line, i'm eager to see what comes of it. :)


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