Saturday, August 1, 2009

♥ i spy with my little eye...

last fall, my boyfriend and i saw radiohead in concert.
it was an amazing show,
and given the fact that i had never really given the band a chance,
(every time he turned it on, i would say, please..shut it off)
i was totally blown away by what creative
and talented musicians they are.
i fell in musical love.

we were floating on cloud 9 after the show and did not even care
that we had to wait for over an hour in the parking lot before
we could even think about leaving.

as we finally inched our way toward the street,
i looked down and realized to my shock and horror:
my glasses were missing!
they were not
on the top of my head,
not in my bag,
not in the car.
they were gone!

did i mention these were chanel glasses?

before my boyfriend could tell me to give them up for lost,
i hopped out of the car and headed back to where i thought our car was parked.
with only my pink cell phone and the stars for light,
and the sense of direction of a mouse,
it was a hopeless situation.
after 20 minutes of looking and finding everything from beer cans, to food wrappers,
to peering over crouching boys who were setting off fireworks,
(not bending over lost chanels)
i sucked it up with tears in my unglassed eyes and
went back to the car where my boyfriend waited with calm words.

i looked down and in the crevice of the seat were my glasses!
aye carumba!

my boy and i are going to the folk festival today!
i am very excited to see iron & wine, fleet foxes and the decemberists,
and to be outside in such a beautiful location.

i wish that i had been a better planner and purchased necklace
from la loop before we went.
these are necklaces and glasses holders in one.
i need them!!
wish me luck today :)

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Heheh funny post, I can relate to the glasses situation, a cute necklace/glasses holder would be perrrfect for me! I hope the folk fest was awesome, what a fab day for it! Hi to both you and Nick :) - Ellie

  2. YAY Ellie! We miss you!!! The folk festival rocked!! Such a gorgeous day for it! Give Nick a call soon, we have to get together :)


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