Thursday, August 6, 2009

♥ love made visible.

call me cliche,
call me a hopeless romantic,
but i love LOVE.

and while i know i should care more
about how it feels to be in love,
(which i do, don't get me wrong..)
i have always been a sucker
for anything with the word "love"
even written on it.

in middle school,
i had an assortment of t.shirts
that spelled out love
and i wore a different one every day.

both of my sisters have the word or
the symbol for love
tattooed on their bodies,
( i am still surprised i don't! )

because like me,
they will always put
love above everything.
love will always come first.
love will always rule the day.
because love is what you have
when everything else fades.

it should therefore come as no surprise
that i am utterly smitten
with these signs from rockett st. george
and just want to clear an entire wall for them,
..a shrine if you will..
to devote to all.mighty love.

1 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I've been eyeing those wood pieces for A WHILE now, dying to get my hands on the "Everyday I Love You" one!


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