Monday, August 24, 2009

♥ i am doll parts.

hello, dolly!!
today, i am a smitten kitten for these
crazy/adorable charm bracelets that
i found on etsy by the seller: brise risvegli.

with a dizzying array of
wonderfully-miniature household wares
that range from tiny tea cups to teensy toothpastes-
the designer, francesca, offers a jewelry collection
so delightful and delicious
that it will have you begging your sisters
to break out the barbie fold & fun house and polly pockets
and play another round for old time's sake!
{or at least i will!}

here is a little inside scoop for readers:
any order you place that is $50 and up
comes with a pair of free earrings!!

as a child of the 80's with barbies aplenty,
i never really owned an old fashioned dollhouse.
the closest i ever came to playing with one
was a day that my cousin brought hers over,
and i (being the clumsy girl that i am)
fell off the arm of the sofa and
smashed the wooden structure to pieces.
i guess i should have picked on something my own size-
which is why i simply adore this life size doll house exhibition
completed a few years back by canadian artist,
heather benning.

over an 18-month period, the artist completely gutted
this abandoned saskatchewan farm house
transforming it room by room,
coating the walls in a candy color and
filling them with 60's style furniture.
the finishing touch is the removal of the north.facing walls,
which were replaced with plexiglass for a look
that is perfectly dolled.up

and if i couldn't squeeze myself into this giant doll house- my second choice would be to jump into the colorful pages of french craft magazine marie claire idees,which has a number of fabulous and whimsical vignettes designed by french stylist/designer/writer camille soulayrol.

you can buy some of her prints here!

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