Friday, August 28, 2009

♥ yours are no common feet.

in case you didn't get the memo,
or the surge in shoulder pads, leggings, ray bans
and day.glo colors didn't tip you off already...
the 80's are back,
in a BIG way.
like madonna big.
like whitney houston's hair big.

but what you may not have observed,
and what i discovered recently
in an interesting article from
the new york times style magazine,
is that the 1940's are back as well,
only they are here in the form of a shoe.

during the "make do and mend" era of world war II,
any and all american resources were shipped overseas,
which meant that the use of such basic shoe making materials
as leather and rubber was highly restricted and banned.

women's shoes were limited to a one inch heel,
with only six color choices, and no stockings!
{how dreadful!!}

as a result, designers were forced to think outside of the box and
come up with clever and creative ways to adorn women's feet.
using every possible material from cork, to wood, to reptile skins,
to mesh, straw, felt and even pipe cleaners,
women found ways to add a little spring to their step during
a dark and uncertain period in american history.

in much the same way,
we are seeing a resurgence of unique footwear from caged booties,
to sky.high platforms, to over the knee super hero boots,
to tassles, straps and metals.
women everywhere, from the runway to the streets
are putting their best foot forward!

images via jak and jil blog

so, when shopping for your fall wardrobe,
keep this historical equation in mind:
power dressing 80's "business" on the top
40's "party" shoes on the bottom!

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