Thursday, August 27, 2009

♥ life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.

i would wager a bet that british
fashion designer. illustrator. artist. teacher
julie verhoeven
has more skill and pure creativity
in her pinkie fingernail {not even the whole pinkie!!.}
than i do
in my entire being.

maybe it is because
her father is a graphic designer,
and her "mum" is an illustrator,
or because she studied fashion at medway college
or perhaps it is because in 1987,
she was the first. assistant. ever.
to the inimitable john galliano,
or maybe the girl is just

her colorful.yet.minimal,
childlike.yet.provocative artwork
spans decades and continents,
effortlessly shifting shapes and crisscrossing mediums
which range from fashion, to video, to music,
to architecture, to horitculture, to installation,
to photography, pencil + ink illustration,
tapestry, books, and hd box covers..
(just to name a few!)

she has collaborated with such luxury brands as
louis vuitton, cacharel, lancome, prada,
mulberry (see below!)

..and most recently, versace,
where she was asked to re.think the
traditional medusa symbol which represents the brand.
according to verhoeven,
"fashion reaches a greater audience
and it is fun to see artwork in movement."
i couldn't agree more.

her "ferociously feminine, funny & sad" illustrations
have been captured in books
in magazines such as self service, the face,
and have graced the covers of albums,
such as primal scream & kate moss.

she was commissioned by award winning fashion website, show studio,
to create a 19th century chinoiserie inspired, erotic wallpaper,
as well as a project called, "beat the clock," which is a series
of images that follow julie through her creative thinking process
that goes on well into the night.

click here to see forget me knot interactive chinoiserie wallpaper.

oh! i would certainly give up my pinkie to be that creative!!
...but then again, if i had no pinkie
i would probably not be able to draw that well anyway...

i guess i will have to leave the beautiful, whimsical
art and fashion to masters like julie verhoeven.

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