Friday, August 14, 2009

♥ i'm just mad about saffron.

i just watched i love you, man (2008)
the other night and damn, it was funny.
not only that, but it was ripe with juicy colors
that are a must have for any wardrobe this season.

chartreuse, lime, citrine, saffron, pea green, acid green, mustard yellow:
whatever you want to call it,
this color is so fierce that once you see it,
you won't care what it's called.
i know, i am sure you are probably thinking,
" ew, that color is disgusting!"
but if you were gwen stefani,
who i heard uses the term "disgusting"
to refer positively to something irresistably fabulous and luxurious-
you would probably also be thinking that there was
something oddly alluring about this putrescent color.

no one did acid green better than michael kors this fall
image via bazaar.

and jason wu's splash of green is nitrolicious!

dries van noten's fall collection screams "gag me with a spoon"

but also "eat me up with a spoon."

j. crew has an adorable mustard cashmere sweater that is so cute i could puke.

and bcbg's hint of toxic green is sick (in a good way!)

and these new looks from trina turk are electric.

and if you look around, you might find that the whole world is seeing green.

amazing night photography via the motorless city.

and mother nature has been wearing moss green for years....

verdant images via kenneth parker photographs

schumacher just came out with a gorgeous print and wallpaper
called bali vine that is just such a showstopper.
the chartreuse color is as putrid as it is gorgeous,
and really gives this archived print design a modern twist.

so whether you dress yourself or your home,

make sure you add a speck of saffron to your life this season.

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