Wednesday, August 12, 2009

♥ be faithful in the small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.

when it comes to bags or accessories of any kind,
i have always ascribed to the old adage that
"bigger is better."

and like a goldfish, which will undoubtedly grow
to fit whatever size tank it is given to live in,
i have steadily increased the amount of "things"i tote around in my bags,
as they too have steadily increased in size over the years.

{for example my louis can comfortably fit my cat, louis.}

but you know what?
i am tired of hauling a huge mary poppins bag with me
everywhere i go!

ever try going to a bar or cocktail party
with a big bag hanging off your arm?
you certainly can't dance with it,
{that is, if you wanted to dance...}
you are always in someone's way,
and you can't put it down and walk away from it either!
{not with all the important stuff you put in there!}

it is pretty hard to be footloose and fancy free when you are
stuck with a twenty pound millstone round your neck!
therefore, i think it's pretty safe to say that its time for a change.
time for a brand new bag.
a small one, that is.

i would like to start with some visual inspiration
from a little film woody allen likes to call
which is just such an entertaining and beautifully cast film
that really sells you on the whole boho.chic lifestyle.

here is a clip from the film when the main characters,
cristina (scarlet), juan antonio (javier) and maria elena (penelope)
have a picnic in the spanish countryside.

notice the flowiness and ease of their summer ensembles,
their loose, no.nonsense tendrils floating in the breeze,
and the most important feature of all
(besides javier bardem's dimples):
scarlett johansson's
adorably simple leather satchel.

not only is the little leather shoulder bag perfect for travel,
for bike riding, for summer, but it also fits the bare essentials,
which may be all you need after all.

i found a look alike here:

everything is smaller these days.
check out the new ipod shuffle
that my bestfriend just got!
it makes sense that your bag should follow suit.
choe crystal bow bag in goatskin

lanvin mini bag with jewelled rosette

and while i am not completely convinced that
all good things come in small packages....
these bags are definitely making me a believer!

1 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I love the Lanvin mini-bag....its like a younger...trendier...more tounge-in-cheek version of the...sometimes...stodgy / snotty / overpriced Chanel 5:55...and more functional / current as well...


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