Wednesday, August 19, 2009

♥ i'm all ears.

it seems like everyone has got bunnies on the brain.
{literally and figuratively!}

...and maybe i am just saying this because my boyfriend happens to be
reading watership down, an epic tale of rabbit adventure–
but i am actually convinced that if you take a look around,
you may notice a perky pairs of bunny ears
popping up everywhere, not just

one of my favorite incarnations of bunny beauty can be found in
rabbit shaped sunglasses, bathing suits, cover ups and dresses:
a logo that he resurrected from his fashion archives.
of the fabulous sunglasses, jensen remarks,
"we're working on ones you could really wear."
let's keep our fingers and our bunny ears crossed they do!

3.1 phillip lim also sent a few bunny prints hopping
down the runway for fall as well.
buy this adorable dress here.

i am absolutely smitten for the irresistibly adorable fifi lapin blog,
which features "the world's most stylish bunny" according to elle magazine.
i whole.heartedly agree.

is it weird that i am jealous of fifi's killer wardrobe?

no one does bunny chic better than marc jacobs himself.
ps. how did he get so hot?

of the sensational bunny ears, jacobs explains,
" there's a girl who works for us, lucy, she's on the design team, and adrian, one of the boys was tying a little bit of fabric around and it reminded me of a bunny. we are thinking of all these different things like can.can dancers, and i saw this piece of fabric wrapped around lucy's head and said, 'bunny ears, that's what we need to finish this look.' so we made all these radzimir bunny ears and thats how it happened. i like the playboy, french coquette aspect to it."

his fall collection for louis vuitton makes me want to hop
on down to the party store right now and pick up a pair of rabbit ears.
i don't care if halloween is a few months away.

find the real marc jacobs for louis vuitton black silk bunny ears here.

or get a pretty good knock off on etsy.

here is a more delicate pair of bunny ears by karl lagerfield for

madonna isn't the only one sporting bunny ears in a new fall campaign,
check out the latest juicy couture advertisement,
which bids you to "do the don'ts."

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. and where are yours?! :)

    i've been MIA from blogs for a bit and yours is one i'm anxious to catch up on!


  2. I've been meaning to write about this sudden surge in interest in my natural assets! you beat me to it!

  3. omg love all of these !! love the bunny ears look !! for a diy version, read here:


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