Monday, August 17, 2009

♥ if you're in fashion, you can go out of fashion...

... but if you run away from fashion,
it'll keep following you.
florence welch

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there was a point in my life
where i would have killed for curls,
when i was a blonde,
but i have never once
–at any point–
wanted to be a redhead.
until now.

florence welch,
front.woman to an ever.evolving band
of interchangeable musicians, known as
florence + the machine,
has got a wardrobe full of costumes that are
about as fiery and flashy as her flaming red hair.
{not to mention a voice so soulful and sultry that it
could blow the likes of fellow british betties
lily allen and amy winehouse
right out of the water.}

daughter to american art historian/author evelyn welch,
florence is a self professed nerd,
who writes most of her music
during drunken fits and hazy hangovers.

drawing inspiration from everything in her life
from the musicians she listened to as a child,
to the heartaches she has experienced
and the artwork she has seen in passing,
and all the beautiful, magical things in between,
florence has produced a debut album, lungs,
worthy of it's chart topping success and multiple award nominations.

and did i mention how much i love her costumes?
without much classical training as a singer, florence bumbles
and bounds on stage, accepting alcoholic beverages from the audience,
crowd surfing, banging to the beat of her own drum,
and surprising crowds time and again
with one of a kind pieces
found at a second hand stores.

recently playing at the glastonbury festival alongside blur,
florence was lucky enough to have three custom.made costumes
designed specifically for her by topshop.

starting with a black fitted bodice and python shoes,
flowers, fringe, leather, and lace were built onto the original look
to create three wholly unique and distinct silhouettes for the
flame haired songstress.

her music videos are a veritable smorgasbord of
ethereal magic, cirque de soliel–type characters,
full length body suits, glitter, capes, choreographed dances,
annie lennox–like singing, and tons of energy.
what's not to love?

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