Sunday, August 9, 2009

♥ looks like we're gonna have to make a cameo.

image via we heart it.

in the days of queen victoria's reign in england (1837 to 1901)
cameos were HUGE!

carved mainly from shells but also from
agate stone, coral, turquoise, lava and mother of pearl,
these mini masterpieces were worn on a black velvet or pastel colored ribbon,
and often depicted gods, goddesses, the three muses, flowers,
a woman's exact likeness or an anonymous idealized beauty,
whose romanesque face could be easily replicated and reproduced
en masse.

while carrie may not have had a "vogue idea,"
what to write to impress enid, her new editor at vogue–
she did know how to make a lasting first impression.
by pairing a pinstriped vivienne westwood suit
with an oversized cameo pin
carrie literally put her
best face

utilizing carving techniques that have been passed down
from generation to generation since 1857,
award.winning jewelry designer, amadeo scognamiglio
has taken his family's traditional cameo company to the next level.

with an unexpected twist of textures, modern colors and unique gems
amadeo has breathed new life into a very old look.
i want all of them!

for now, i will have to be happy with my look alike!

or maybe i will go with something a little more modern...
like these candy colored cameos

or these charming cameo necklaces by
that give me a toothache just looking at them!

i am quite partial to these
anime. meets. cameo necklaces
by maru maru on etsy.

yet another amazing way to get "in" with the old,
is to rework a classic into a original &
totally unpredictable shape,
such as a shoe.
like this gorgeous guiseppe zanotti design pump
that i spotted on bazaar.

and although the peeps at claim
that british pop.tart, la roux,
is the next BIG thing,
i rather fancy her big neo.cameo "signature" necklace,
by australian jewelry maven, sylvie markovina
and bollocks with the rest of it!

again, i want ALL of them.
maybe they will become my signature look too!

and if all this talk about the victorian age has inspired you to
not only to get up and get your hands on a cameo of your own this very instant–
but also to pick up a quill and ink and maybe some candle light to sit and write by–
then you may want to get your very own silhouette style stationery
by new england designer serena m. graham,
who will replicate your perfect likeness on bristol board or notecards!

no matter which way you pin it–
make sure that the cameo
makes a cameo appearance
in your wardrobe
this season!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for featuring my shop items :)

  2. My love for cameos is huge! I squealed with delight upon starting reading this post! I posted about those shoes! SO AMAZING! And I credited you. Thanks!



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