Wednesday, August 19, 2009

♥ a chain reaction.

my boss was out shopping the other day
when she spotted a well dressed woman with
an eye.catching necklace: a gorgeous mess of beads,
stones, jewels and charms so beautifully bound together
that it beckoned her to ask the burning question we all ask when
we see something we have to have on someone else,
"where did you get it?"

but rare is the occasion when a glamorous stranger actually replies,
"i made it myself."
my boss had stumbled upon adriana unnarreal,
a local designer whose self.named collection of necklaces and bracelets,
A D R I accessories,
which can be found at two of boston's most chic shopping spots:
she also does trunk shows in new york at henri bendel.

originally from caracas, venezuela, adriana comes from a fashionable family:
she worked with her sister andreina for years designing handbags,
and her brother gustavo has his own collection of belts.
using wood.textured, tear.shaped seeds
called lagrimas de san pedro
which are indigenous to her country,
as the foundation for each piece of jewelry she crafts,
adriana weaves a bit of herself into her unique collection.
a seed has been planted.
i want all. of. them.

watch a video of adriana talking about A D R I accessories here.

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