Wednesday, July 15, 2009

♥ knowing you, you'll wait for clear skies.

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i think that clouds get a bad wrap sometimes...
they have been the scorn of the summer season for weeks,
their presence alone is enough to bring groans,
grimaces and even tears
to sun worshippers and vacation.goers everywhere.

remember when you were little kid and images of fluffy white clouds
were much less ominous and threatening?

instead of harbingers of stormy weather and wasted days off,
clouds were seen as playful, friendly, even dream-like.

it is this tactile quality of clouds that
beth retro's photography on flickr (above)
as well as artists like carl kleiner and dietrich wegner (below)
capture in their photography, sculpture
and which on the sunniest day of the summer,
a child at heart can still appreciate.

imaginary drizzle

playhouse II
(mushroom cloud meets fantasy land)

if you have not yet seen science of sleep (2006)
starring the adorably handsome gael garcía bernal &
the effortlessly chic charlotte gainsbourg,
then this is your perfect opportunity to
experience the dreamy delight
and wonder of famed french director,
michel gondry's, magical film.

one of my all.time favorite parts of this film are the small, felt objects that are
made by director, production designer + choreographer, lauri faggioni,
who was discovered by gondry in her new york art +antique store, lake,
where she worked as a fiber artist.

"i am collecting beautiful objects. a pair of shoes. some glasses. telephone.typewriter.
they are made from wood and felt. with apparent stitches. their delicate and finished appearance is friendly. and they are quiet."

the leading lady in this film
is french actress/ singer/ songwriter
whose destiny seems to be written in the stars ( literally)
since she is the daughter of two of the biggest ones.

her mother is english model/singer jane birkin (aka, the namesake of the hermès birkin bag)
and her father is french singer/song writer, serge gainsbourg.

charlotte recorded her first album, charlotte for ever in 1986.
and released her sophomore album 5:55 in 2006.

she has appeared in a number of films including
the bob dylan biopic, i'm not here(2007),
whose soundtrack include's gainsbourg's rendition of
dylan's "just like a woman."

what i admire about charlotte gainsbourg's style is the un.fussiness of it,
the relaxed attitude that she takes to dressing
that shines through in her loose and wavy hair and undone ponytails,
her dewy skin and her slightly masculine/feminine style
that plays up her inherent glamour.

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  1. i love how thoughtful your posts are! puts my frivolous blog to shame, haha. :P

    and clouds can be absolutely breath taking...on sunny days and stormy nights! and LOVE science of sleep! :)

  2. I love all the pictures that go along with your posts xoxo


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