Thursday, July 9, 2009

♥ pink. it's like red– but not quite.

the liar 1993
image found here.

when i was a little girl,
i had a pair of overalls with a matching hat.
they were covered in red and pink flowers.
i loved them.

imagine my dismay when
a classmate of mine
rained on my parade
telling me matter of factly that
"pink and red clash!"

to this day, i have never forgotten what she said. or forgiven her.
{i am never happy when my sense of style is called into question}

author stella blum has written that,
"fashion is a social agreement.
the result of a consensus of a larger group of people."

what i want to know is:
who decided that pink and red clash?

here, i have rounded up some of
my favorite images from pop culture
that prove my 4th grade fashion foe

nail police, 2003

blue frog, 1998

a cross between rococo painter + pop artist
(according to the ny times)
john wesley is an artist whose provocative, psychological and
bubble.gum colored work is
the proof positive that pink + red
make a powerful combination.

from now until october 4th,
his artwork will be featured
the most prominent
contemporary arts festival in the world.

new album from phoenix: wolfgang amadeus.

i just want to chew this album up
and spit it out
like a piece of bazooka gum.

there are no words to describe
how much i love the costumes in this sophia coppola
interpretation of the ill.fated queen.
if she can wear red + pink,
then let [the rest of] them eat cake!

find this gorgeous poster on

when i saw this poster on the cover of domino (r.i.p)
i knew i would love pink + red would work together
for like, ever.

poster from made by girl.

image via tatielle

images via fashion victims.

last night, i saw a sneak preview of
the adorable and hopelessly romantic indie film,
500 days of summer (2009)
(thanks to the gals at the gilt groupe!)

my boyfriend always refers to zooey deschanel
as his "other girlfriend,"
which usually makes me mad,
but her style is so vintagey and pretty in pink
and her band she & him is so cool
that i can't stay mad long.

image via bleed for fashion.

strawberry milkshake oreo
image via violet voice.

image via flickr.

ladies and gentlemen
of the color jury
i rest my case.

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go ahead,
wear colors that clash.
on purpose.
and don't let anyone
tell you otherwise.

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. for what it's worth... i think pink and red get along swimmingly. :)

    love your blog!

    xo - jessie

  2. I sure hope that was not me back in the 4th grade!!! haha

  3. don't listen the masses. pink and red go very well together. they're in the same family, after all.

  4. Who is your 4th grade foe? Tell me, please.

  5. Funny story... forgot to mention on FB... last night at work a husband and wife came in to my bar she wearing a pink shirt and him a red shirt. Made me think of you and giggle. Don't worry... I named their tab "clash" in your honor. :)


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