Tuesday, June 30, 2009

♥ i count your eyelashes, secretly. with every one i whisper i love you.

image via flickr.

we are always in search of that perfect something:
a magical wand or elixir that will
take us from mediocre
to maven in minutes.

some are seeking out the perfect pair of jeans-
a pair that will miraculously show off all the right curves and cover the wrong ones,
while others are looking for the perfect bag-
one that will hold everything (à la mary poppins)
and just happen to work with every outfit...

and then there are others like me, who are
always in hot pursuit of the perfect mascara:
one that will take my sorry excuse for eyelashes from 2 to 10
with one quick twirl of the brush.
basically, i am waiting for a miracle.

remember the scene in pretty woman (1990)
when julia roberts has all of this money
and no salesgirl to guide her in the right direction?
that is exactly how i feel every time i enter sephora.
i will pretty much buy any mascara that the sales people point to.
it's ridiculous.

is one of my all.time favorites.
one side is twirly and makes eyelashes thicker and fuller
while the other side works like a fine.tooth comb.
double the pleasure, double the fun!

ok, so the rep was in from new york
and he must have noticed how vulnerable i was–
because as soon as he told me that this mascara was made from
all of these organic ingredients and that everyone in the store loved it..
i had to have it!
big mistake. it was flaky and dry.
should be called "dim bulb" instead.
have you ever had your eyelashes
kissed by an angel?
well, that is how it feels to use this ultra.light weight,
gorgeously natural mascara.

ok guys, sometimes bigger really is better.
this is certainly the case for dior show,
whose mammoth brush will
knock your lashes out of the park.

basically, these two mascaras do the same thing:
they paint your lashes and form black tubes around each individual eye lash.
warning!! do not be alarmed when you take a shower and the tubes come off
and you are left covered in what looks like spider legs..
it is just the tubes releasing themselves from your lashes.
of the two, blinc is much better.

i have seen many makeup artists bend their
brushes at an angle like this, perhaps to get at your eyelashes better.
this mascara is advertised as a "wonderbra" for the lashes.
i don't agree.

i am currently using this faboo mascara
which comes with a fun tutorial on how to go about using the mascara.
(sometimes packaging is everything!)
but the product is very fresh and the brush is multi–faceted
enough to both thicken lashes and de–clump them
all at the same time.

so maybe there is no such thing as the perfect something–
but it can't hurt to look!

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