Thursday, June 18, 2009

♥ if i were a painter, i would paint a memory.

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not many people can say that they are best friends with an artist,
and get to be a part of the creative madness and wild beauty that colors their world
à la edie sedgwick of the andy warhol generation–
{only far less tragic}

i have been fortunate enough to work and play with a true artist, whose colorful presence
and creative energy emanate from every pore and particle of his being: timothy mcsweegan.
his understanding of color is phenomenal. his portraits are playful and inviting, with characters whose eyes will follow you around the room. he can draw his own face (right down to the slightest tilt of the nose) with a quick swish of the wrist.
and don't even get me started on his splatter paintings- which are dripped and dazzled
with more than just paint(my piece contains sea shells, halloween ribbon & christmas lightbulbs)
each piece of work is a unique masterpiece, riddled with stories of what inspired timothy at the moment of creation: a song lyric, a piece of religious artwork, a symbol from a bracelet.
his very signature is a piece of artwork, his very presence a poem.
here are a few images from my own personal collection,
please send any inquires to
to look into getting your own one.of.a.kind. piece!

me with the end of 2005

diane von furstenberg
john lennon, imagine
guardian angels
the end of 2005

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