Friday, June 12, 2009

♥ may your life be strewn with flowers now and forever.

 in the summertime,
 there is no better subject for amateur photography 
than the flower.

and similarly,
 no better way to adorn yourself 
than with a beautiful bloom.

it seems like everything is coming up roses this season;
even the june 2009 catalogue for j. crew,
where they state explicitly that one may not actually
purchase these one. of. a. kind. roses
but can't resist flaunting them anyway!

a little investigation on the internet (thank you jcrewaholics!)
 and i found that these gorgeous floral flourishes
 made their first appearance in the october 2008 j.crew catalogue and are made by
Dulken & Derrick Inc, who have been making silk flowers since 1941.

another fabulous website that offers a splendid assortment 
of flower headbands, belts, corsages and bridal accessories is
 if i had it my way, i would fill a basket of blossoms
and spend each day with my best buds.

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Sami!!!! The blog is GREAT!!!! :) Love some bando- Jen Gotch (one of the woners) is a friend of mine. So talented!

  2. i probably found them on your blog, erin! thanks so much for taking a look at mine! i am honored :)

  3. Ha ha! ME too!


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