Monday, June 22, 2009

♥ the world is mud.luscious and puddle.wonderful.

rain, rain,
go away
come on back
another day
or maybe..

i am beginning to think that mother nature got april and june mixed up.
it seems like lately there has been more rain than sunshine and
the only silver lining is the
cute accessories that
stormy weather demands.

how much can you carry, carrie?

carrie makes it rain.

this one from target reminds me of ms. bradshaw's perfect parasol.

these mini umbrellas from fred flare add a bit of color and charisma
to an otherwise.gloomy day.

you can stand under my marc jacobs umbrella.

these honey bee rainboots by chooka help to sweeten the pot.

see spots instead of rain drops in these j.crew wellies.

my little sister has burberry rain boots.
she loves them so much that she prays for rainy days
so that she can justify the money she spent
with each use!

and these shoe+umbrella hybrids, known as shuellas
are an ingenius way to wear a boot to work over your heels
without having to lug the things home when the sun decides
to show it's glowing face!

1 ♥ love notes.:

  1. ugh, want the marc umbrella BADLYYYYY!



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