Saturday, June 20, 2009

♥ she's always buzzing just like neon, neon.

images via flickr.

this season, designers like marc jacobs to versace have packed a wild punch of
 tangy tangerines, luscious limes, mega.watt magentas, lemony yellows and brilliant blues
 into their otherwise neutral backdrop of nudes, greys, metallics and black this season.

highlighter–inspired accents, dramatic jackets and dresses abound,
 bidding the question:
orange you glad that the color palette for fall will be anything but blah?

more versace here.

more jil sander here.

 more marc jacobs here.

find more images here.

of his fall collection, michael kors (above) remarks,
 "who says clothing can't make you smile?"
smile, sigh and swoon is more like it.

tank tops from victoria's secret.

so whether you show off your body electric with a big bang or a small spark–
make sure you add a juicy detail to your wardrobe this season!

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