Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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patricia field image here.

so, tonight i had the pleasure of feasting my fashion.loving.eyes on
confessions of a shopaholic (2009), which just came out on dvd this week
and more importantly is completely styled by costume designer.extraordinaire,
who has styled everything from sex and the city (the show + movie) to devil wears prada,
whose expertise in the art of visual communication has
singlehandedly catapulted stars like sjp
and the ladies of sex and the city
into the greater fashion lexicon,
and turned an article of clothing
as simple as a pink tutu,
a manolo blahnik,
or a fabric flower
into something
truly iconic.

image from here

what amazes me about patricia field is here ability to read and completely digest a script
in such a way that she can actually visualize a character in any space, in any given situation
and communicate their story which is as unique to them as their own fingerprint–
through style alone.

what she does for isla fischer's character, rebecca bloomwood,
is to portray the excessiveness and over.exaggeration of a true shopaholic,
by infusing each look with the energy and passion of someone who
eats sleeps and breathes

by layering rebecca in stand.out colors like fuschia, orange, hot pink and cobalt blue,
and piling fur coats on top of belts on top of bags on top of gloves,
patricia's expert eye perfectly conveys to the audience
just how much ms.bloomwood loves to shop.

here are a few examples of outfits that are

images from here. and here.

and how about the black, white and pops of yellow and kelly
green mentioned here.

in her interview regarding the state of rebecca bloomwood's apartment,
patricia field said that she envisioned her bedroom to be,
" basically a closet with a bed in it."
never have i seen anyone's vision so clearly.

one more tidbit about patricia field that i certainly identify with as a lover of dressing up
is that she is not afraid to think outside of the box.
she looks for fashion not only in the most high.end of places,
but in the crowded streets and shopping malls of tokyo and the underground vintage stores
and flea markets of new york.. making her an arbiter of fashion in every sense of the word.

"Whether you have money or not, you can wear clothes that suit you well
and go with your complexion. I always tell girls: just be yourself.
Clothing and jewelry are fun, but great accessories are not going to create
a person's style. You have to be comfortable in what you are wearing.
Stay within your budget and wear clothes that make you feel happy.
Then you will look good whatever you wear. It is entirely possible."
excerpt from pat field's interview with marie claire.

patricia field, you are my idol.
i get down off my heels and pray at your glittering + glamorous alter.

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  1. sami,
    your blog is great..very inspiring. check your twitter post, your URL didn't connect to your post for some reason. i'm having such fun reading your posts. lisa


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