Saturday, June 27, 2009

♥ rock on, gold dust woman.

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quality cannot be defined.

you know what quality is.
it's the mysterious, individual,
internal goal of each
creative person.

in today's culture we are constantly inundated with industry-manufactured mavens

who are churned out as quickly as simon cowell can clap his hands together
and forgotten just as quickly.

these empty vessels draped in a lot of glitz and glam may look good at first-
but they essentially stand for nothing
and will undoubtedly not stand the test of time.
it is no wonder that we are all starving for real quality.

it is not until recently that my unconscious appreciation for
the timeless music, style and the undeniable quality
that beats at the heart of stevie nicks
has really come into fruition.

she has been a musical mainstay in my family forever:
my uncle has worshipped her all his life and
was introduce me to her crystal visions with
my first fleetwood mac cassette tape in the early 80's!
and my mother has often cited stevie's soul-stirring lyrics
as the inspiration for her equally beautiful poetry.
and my friend, timothy, is just the male embodiment of stevie's magical presence.

balancing atop a pair of custom.made platform boots,
swathed in velvet and chiffon and dripping in feathers and beads,
stevie nicks is a fashion force to be reckoned with.

while singers like madonna changed their style with each new album,
stevie nicks never strayed from her tried and true look:
an ethereal mash.up of leather and lace
that has been replicated time and time again
but belongs to her
now and forever.

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recently, jill stuart dedicated her fall 2009 collection to
"all iconic women in music."
offering fashionistas everywhere a choice between
the pale, flowing, fringe and flower.bedazzled angel and
the smokey.eyed, leather/laced rock goddess,
jill stuart truly captured the
gypsy in stevie nicks
that remains.

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