Tuesday, June 23, 2009

♥ fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every 6 months.

have you ever stood in a store, utterly confounded by an item of clothing, that 
on the one hand is so garish and so utterly hideous that it makes you want to vomit, 
while on the other hand, there is something oddly attractive about it
 that you cannot, for the life of you,
 put your finger on? 

this, my friends, 
is a little phenomenon that i like to call
"that's so ugly, it's cute."

i have made a number of purchases using this justification
and while it may not make sense to anyone else,
i believe in it..
and sometimes believing in yourself and owning your look
 is all that really matters.

this dress reminds me of the partridge family takes a trip to milan.

this poncho is like a bad episode of punky brewster. but it still rocks.

i call this one my tootsie dress.
it came with a matching vest.
so horrendous yet oh. so. cute.

another example of this "so ugly it's cute" philosophy 
for me is the music of 
piano.pounding, voice. twirling indie songstress, 
regina spektor, 
whose latest album, far
is rife with the beautiful melody of a song.bird
mixed with indecipherable gutteral noises of a chicken
 that can only be described as
the opposite of "easy" listening.
yet, for some inexplicable reason..
it just works.
sometimes the best things in life 
don't have a simple explanation.

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