Friday, January 14, 2011

♥ what's your (new) sign?

while i have never really believed in the trueness of my horoscope-
(i am a sagittarius, known for my optimism and athleticism --
both qualities of which my character is seriously lacking!-)
part of me was sort of sad to say goodbye to the zodiac sign
i have spent my whole life reading about in books and magazines.

you see, according to the new zodiac plan, (check it out here!)
i am now to be considered the new 13th sign, which is an ophiuchus-
a word i can hardly wrap my tongue around to pronounce and a
concept i can hardly wrap my head around.

so in response to this news, i am going to be optimistic
for a change and hope the horoscopes don't.

8 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Hi Samantha! Thanks so much for stopping by My Cup of Te and leading me over to your fabulous blog :) I'm so mad at this new zodiac!!! They are seriously trying to phase me out hahah Scorpio has a 6 day window and all the others have almost 1 month! WTF?!?!

  2. That UO bracelet is super cute...dammit...want one. I don't really care about the signs changing- I've gone my whole life seeing a definite correlation between my personality and my sign (Capricorn) but always taking astrology with a grain of salt. I mostly just like the cute symbols :)

  3. i really love astrology, not that i necessarily believe in it! i'm a gemini, but i was born on the cusp so it went back and forth between taurus and gemini... i liked saying i was gemini because i really am a twin, but geminis are known for being the most outgoing, and i'm super shy!

    but apparently i am now 100% taurus! so that's cool! because i am rather stubborn...

  4. and by the way, this is absolutely crazy to me! it's such a big news! i'm going to have to go read more about it. i feel like i should tell everyone i know :P

  5. This is crazy!! Just like Andrea I 'was' a Gemini...and now I'm a taurus!? This will take some getting used to... ;)
    Thanks for providing the link...I've been hearing about this, but never took the time to see how the new sign "affects" me :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. i feel like i am one of the few that didn't change! i'm still a pisces. but from what i hear this only applies to people born after 2009.

  7. my sister is still a pisces, and she is so happy about it! i don't want to be an ophiuchus!!

  8. I don't really follow astrology, but since my birthday falls in the new sign as well, I'm very curious to see what qualities and such they'll associate with it. I've never really identified with sagittarius either and even though it's still technically my sign, I'm still looking forward to what they'll release about ophiuchus and see if it fits me better.


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