Friday, January 14, 2011

♥ mix n' match.

one of the spring trends that really appeals to me this year
is the seamless blending of day & evening wear, exemplified
perfectly by the flouncy long skirt + white t-shirt combos
that swished down the runway at jil sander.

similarly, jcrew is offering a casual-meets-fancy option
in their wedding section. can you imagine how cool a row of
bridesmaids would look in this outfit? LOVE it!

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. That jcrew dress is really pretty!


  2. So funny, I blogged about Jil Sander too 2 days ago :) I guess the ton of snow in Boston makes us all want to fast forward to Summer :)
    I love this collection, the colors and the simplicity (and comfort) of a white teeshirt and maxi skirt... Don't you love her flowers prints too ?
    The Jcrew outfit is gorgeous, great find ! xx

  3. i love the mix of the tees with the fancy skirts.... exactly the kind of dress up i like!!
    so glad you stopeed by comment made me smile :)
    happy weekend to you

  4. love all of these long, beautiful, and bold skirts!

  5. i really need to try and wear more long fancy skirts with tshirts.


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