Tuesday, January 11, 2011

♥ by the light of the moon.

the other day i was telling my friend (who is also a hair dresser!)
my plan to grow my hair as long as possible before the wedding
so i have more to play with when the time comes. knowing me,
i will probably choose to chop it off, but that's my choice!
(remember how short it was?)

she suggested that i wait until the next full moon to cut it, and promptly
clued me in on a beauty myth that is widely practiced back home in
el salvador, where she owned her own hair salon. according to my friend,
businesses would even open their doors specifically on the evening of full moon
to the superstitious women who believe that the growth of their hair has
something to do with the moon's pull on the earth's tides.
i kind of want to try it!

(read more about cutting hair by the
phases of the moon here & here. )

are there any beauty myths that you swear by??

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Great post! Love the pictures, and I want to grow my hair longer, too!



  2. learned something new on this Friday! Congrats on the wedding!!! So exciting :)


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