Monday, January 10, 2011

♥ love in the afternoon.

just when i thought i had seen every audrey hepburn film imaginable,
netflix surprised me with an adorable & very mature film called
love in the afternoon(1957), which i happily watched this evening.

with costumes designed by hubert de givenchy & a set of super-thick
and quite amazing eyebrows, hepburn's character, the charming and quick-witted
ariane, weaves her way into the heart of an older american playboy by playing
a little trick one may have picked up by watching the first season of SATC:
"women who have sex like men & afterwards feel nothing."
it's definitely a must watch!

9 ♥ love notes.:

  1. can't wait to watch this! i love seeing her in Givenchy, she was his muse!

  2. i saw this on netflix instant play too and was going to give it a try! after just watching breakfast at tiffany's, my first audrey hepburn film, i see why everyone's in love with her... (also, so funny that we both posted audrey-hepburn movie posts today!)

  3. Love vintagey films like this. Will defo have to watch xx

  4. how fun to watch old movies like this...I have not done that in so long.

  5. she looks stunning, need to see this!!

  6. I love this movie- it is just so beautiful!

  7. UMMM Why haven't I seen this? This will now be on my wishlist for Netflix. THANK YOU!

  8. She is always perfection. And I lost that last picture!


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