Wednesday, January 26, 2011

♥ for the love of dior.

just when i seem to have fallen into a pit of despair
when it comes to seeing something new & inspiring in fashion,
( i mean honestly why won't uggs just die already?)
john galliano rides up on his white horse and saves the day.

his latest spring 2011 couture collection is a nod to
christian dior's original fashion illustrator- rene gruau.
i love the drama, the tulle, the bird-like headpieces
and the ribbon masks... if only i could afford couture..

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Simply amazing!

    Dior... j'adore! ;)


  2. I'm not usually a couture fan- I prefer to admire clothing that I could actually wear. But this collection is glorious, amazing, and breathtaking. Would you mind if I reposted this on my blog, Sami?

  3. This collection is such a cohesive hommage to what couture actually is and all that it should be. I can see Dita wearing every one of these.

  4. These are crazy, the colors and textures are great! Thanks for posting.

  5. I loved this show. I wish I could have at least three of these looks.


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