Wednesday, January 12, 2011

♥ snow day.

this morning, i woke up to a blizzard outside my doorstep.
nick said if we had a snow day, we definitely have to go sledding.
to be honest, i would rather spend the day reading, movie-watching,
and hot chocolate drinking- but then i remembered this fantastic
scene from one of my favorite movies, love story (1970).
if this is what my snow day adventures would consist of-
then yes, i will go sledding.

"do you remember a scene with ryan and ali playing in the snow?
well, that was improvised." ~ arthur heller, director

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5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. this sounds like me and my fiancé - he keeps saying he would go sledding if it snowed (he lives in florida so that won't be happening) and i'm like, no way, i hate snow. i'd rather be reading or watching movies or snuggling :P

  2. I would love to be tramping around outside with my love... only he's stuck in chicago. Boo!

  3. If you have ski pants wear them. It'll keep you toasty while sledding.

  4. Hi love! This snow is crazy! I wanted to let you know that you won my warhol/factory girl inspired giveaway! I am so excited that someone close to me actually won!

    I will probably mail it out within a week or so... bit crazy right now. If you could mail me your address to that would be wonderful :)


  5. i wish i had a snow suit! i wore two pairs of pants, two shirts, a hat and a hood and was nice and warm! the snow was just as heavy to lift and magical as everyone says!


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