Monday, November 1, 2010

♥ when i have a little money, i buy books; and if i have a little left, i buy food and clothes.

here is yet another reason that i need to visit my friend, sarah in new york.
she started a blog dedicated solely to her search for "the printed word,"
and recording her impressions and purchases she makes at a variety
of manhattan bookshops that she visits each week.

her most recent post particularly caught my eye: mcnally jackson,
a glowingly lit, smartly designed independent bookstore whose pictures
alone send bibliophiles like myself into fits of envy.

collaborating with shop owners, front studio designed a bookstore cafe
that was evocative of literature and the act of reading. love the hanging
book lamps, the book page wallpaper and school desk-style tables.
give me a cup of coffee and a stack of books, a table in the corner,
and i'm all set.


ps. according to the new york observer, mcnally jackson
may have the capability to print books while you wait with
the help of an espresso book machine come next year!!

9 ♥ love notes.:

  1. omg i love the concept of a book cafe! gorgeous as well.

  2. Ooh - I want the hanging book lights! I feel a DIY project coming on.

  3. I love book shopping! One of my first jobs was at a bookstore and I've got to say it was truly one of my favorite employments.

  4. The concept is so beautiful, there used to be nothing more exciting to me than walking into a bookstore with my dad every weekend.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: Please enter my birthday celebration giveaway if you have not done so already.

  5. Searching for books is half the fun and this place would be the ultimate reward!

  6. So happy to hear that you finally got the earrings!!! Sorry it took so long to get them sent out!!! Hope you enjoy them!!

    I have been loving your blog - especially the wedding dress post! Although I am married I still love to look at amazing dresses!!


  7. WOW I am in LOVE with that bookstore!!! It feels so comfy and inviting :D Loving your blog, I follow! ^__^



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