Friday, November 26, 2010

♥ style is a magic wand, and turns everything to gold that it touches.

"i never thought i would end up in fashion, but it makes so much sense to me now."

time out boston shoot (photo by sarah skolnick.)

during boston fashion week, i had the luck of meeting some very inspiring,
fashion-loving ladies, one of whom is the endlessly talented amanda maciel antunes.
recently featured on time out as a stylish bostonian, amanda has been living
in the city exactly three years and eight months.

originally from the suburbs of sao paolo, brazil, ms. antunes left home to
pursue a full time art career with just a suitcase and $300 to her name.
working a number of odd jobs, while taking a few fashion & art classes
at massart, this modern day cinderella was able to start her
own artistic brand, d.ama design in 2009.


her unique brand encompasses a wide collection of all things
fashion & art-related. from a styling to re-fashioned vintage pieces, to
prints & visual arts, d.ama design is literally brimming over with projects
and stylish possibilities.

concept dress/design/handmade for kate chastain.
(photo by ronen v)

styling for spirited magazine.
(photo by redbird.)

when she is not working on her portfolio for zero2sixtycreative,
where she was signed as a stylist in 2010, amanda is working on her very own
online mag, spirited, which is set to come out three times a year,
and combine all of her passions: visual arts, fashion, literature and film.
she is truly a girl after my own fashion + art loving heart!

(photos from spirited.)

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Love the illustrations. :)

  2. I just discovered Amanda's magazine, and I'm in total awe. Also, can we talk about how hot Holly looks?

  3. So many gorgeous clothes!


  4. wow! i love her styling and fashion sensibilities. thanks for introducing me to her work here!


  5. Such a lovely write up! Wish I could afford to see you both speak at the panel Friday!

    And @Marissa, I'm blushing! Thank you. Trust me, when you have 4 or 5 incredibly talented artists working to make you look good, amazing things can be accomplished, haha.

  6. Bookmarked and ready to go! She is beyond fabulous.


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