Monday, November 15, 2010

♥ tea for two.

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in may 2009, amy poehler and her mother were featured by in style,
discussing their love for sharing a good conversation over a good cup of tea.
i have to say, there is nothing i like doing more than sitting in my mom's kitchen
on a sunday afternoon, chatting over a cup of tea (or coffee), while
flipping through fashion magazines, watching project runway or rachel zoe repeats
on demand, and noshing on whatever goodies she baked for the family that weekend.

here is ms. poehler's recipe for a pitch perfect pot of tea:
(read full article here.)

1) fill kettle with water.
2) place on high heat until the water boils & kettle whistles.
3) take shower.
4) while in shower, yell downstairs, "somebody get the kettle!"
5) unwrap two tea bags, and prepare them for steeping.
6) place each tea bag in a giant mug.
7) congratulate yourself on the amount of antioxidants you are about to receive.
8) pour hot water over bags, add milk and sugar if desired.
9) stir in love, family and good conversation.
10) enjoy.

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