Wednesday, November 17, 2010

♥ wanted: a needle swift enough to sew this post into a blanket.

lindsey thornburg's cloak collection was inspired by her childhood
in the rocky mountains, the colorful wool blankets in the back of her father's
pickup truck, and the multi-layered dressing of the indigenous people
living in the peruvian highlands of machu pichu, where she traveled in 2006.
fashioning her cloaks out of authentic pendleton blankets, ms. thornburg
has done an amazing job making an everyday commodity
into something glamorous.
pendleton blankets are one of the most popular brand of indian trade
blankets, which began in oregon in the early 1900's and are still made today.
woven from wool into distinct, bold patterns, these blankets have been
woven into the very fabric of native american culture, which prizes the
use of the blanket as shelter and clothing, even dancing,
from birth to death. (read more here)

pendleton recently collaborated with opening ceremony
to make these pieces. part of me loves them and part
of me thinks they're hideous, yet another thing that

ps. i must confess that this entire post was inspired by my bff, timothy,
who asked me if i wanted to go see rusted root (a 90's band!) in concert.
remember this song? i honestly never knew the guy was saying,
"send me on my way." notice the blankets?

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