Monday, November 8, 2010

♥ brown paper packages tied up with string.

believe it or not, the gilded bee is a supply shop for paper goods,
not a shop which specializes in gorgeous prints by a fancy photographer.

i don't think i have ever been so moved by pictures of such ordinary
things before, but allofasudden i need simple twine, tinsel & tape
in the worst way.

9 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I love anything that glistens! Like any other girl, was born with the gene to fall for glitter, jaja. Great pics!

  2. ah! these are all so pretty. love the butterflies.

  3. beautiful, beautiful photos! love the butterflies :)


  4. omigoodness. i'm loving all the colors and beautiful things on your blog!

    btw, so jealous you live in boston ;)

  5. Um, hi! Paper craft dork alert! I think I love Christmas so much because of the decorations and the wrapping paper! I love these photos! I'm getting all sorts of inspired for my christmas wrapping. Last year I did sparkly polar bears and penguins! It was almost too cute to open.

  6. i agree, becca, i am totally in love with paper products, and if it weren't for the papercuts, would probably make out with everything at most stationery stores.


  7. this post is beautiful
    very colorful

    hope to hear from you!
    love always

  8. Fuuuun! I'm such a sucker for pretty paper products! I want it all! :)

  9. such great inspiration for wrapping presents for the upcoming holiday!


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