Friday, November 19, 2010

♥ decisions, decisions.

i am very excited to announce that i am going to be the first boston
ambassador for vintage-inspired eyewear brand, warby parker!!
(read my post about them here!)

not only are the frames adorable and affordable, but they will also
send you five faux frames to try on at home for five days so you can decide!

i need your help choosing which it should be?!!!

please leave a comment below telling me which # you like best!
thank you in advance :)

ps. check out their facebook page here!

17 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Oooh! THey all look great, but I think I like #2 or #3 the best!

  2. I like #2. They're classic and sassy which is always a good combo in my book. :)

    Kara of Carnivorous Deer Vintage

  3. I am so loving 2,4,5 on you babe, but mostly no. 2!!!

    It's so funny we wrote about the same thing... actually i've been sitting on that post for a while as I was waiting for some info to come back to me on scarf styling...

    Anyhoos, have a good one babe!

  4. Hi, I like so much #4 and 5. Maybe #4 alittle bit more. Congratulation for becoming their ambassador!
    Sara C.

  5. #2 but they all look fabulous !

  6. Definitely the Fillmore in black. I love these by the way, and sending out the frames to try on is such a great sales idea. I would never buy frames online without being able to try them.

  7. I love number 2, but also like 5. How cool! good luck choosing, they are all awesome.

  8. I love 1 and 5 for you! Congrats on getting hooked up with them- I've heard great things about the company.

  9. Congrats Sami. Love the glasses. Now can you help me find a new pair???

  10. So hard to choose! 4 and 5 look amazing on you, but you already have everyday glasses, right? So why not go with something a little wild - meaning 1 or 2. Ok, I'm not helping much... #2. That's my final vote.

  11. Becca, I'm so surprised we disagree! #3 are the only ones I don't like. They're serial killer glasses. Sorry, Sami! ;)

  12. Ah, the worst part of Warby Parker home try on is having to choose! In fact, I think that's the only negative I can find with the company! They all look great on you, but the Huxley in dark tortoise & crystal is my favorite.


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