Thursday, December 17, 2009

♥ fit to be tied.

diane keaton's boy.meets.girl look in the woody allen classic, annie hall,
is "So L.Y" (last year!!)

this season, wear your tie in a more unique way with a
one of a kind lilian astor neck piece by boston based
artist/designer nicole deponte.

deconstructed and reconstructed, ruffled and refined,
these unusually upcycled offerings from lilian asterfield
are cleverly sculpted from two or three vintage ties.

hand sewn to perfection and fastened with strong snaps,
these neck pieces conjure up visions of modern day dames and dapper dandies.

and with a name like lilian asterfield,
(which was originally a pet name that nicole's beloved grandfather gave to her mother),
this label is meant to "embod[y] the independent spirit of
an english country manor, wild adventures in the forst, horse back rides,
scraped knees hidden by billowing skirts atop laced boots,
and a tumbleweed of raven hair."
jane austen, eat your heart out.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. It might be last year (LY) but you gotta love the way Diane wears those trousers and that tie. That's one of my favourite films ever. I loved the new designs, too, by the way.

    Greetings from London.

  2. thank you :)
    true, i do love the way that diane does menswear..but it is exciting to see a new way or wearing ties!
    how are they doing them in london?

  3. fun tie ideas! can boys do this too? i'm over the bowtie.

  4. yes,lilian asterfield is totally unisex!! check out her website, and etsy shop!!!
    there was a wedding where the men wore neck tie ascots, it's fabulous!


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