Wednesday, December 30, 2009

♥ if these walls could talk.

i always like to think that a house full of eclectic pieces of art
and cultural artifacts is a testament to a life well lived.

so, it should come as no surprise that i am fascinated with the
paris house/office of
french fashion model/ muse/ icon

{images via the selby}

as one of the first models to be signed exclusively to a
haute couture fashion house, (chanel) ines became the muse fo karl lagerfeld
for most of the eighties. she kissed that contract goodbye when she was
asked to lend her likeness to the bust of Marianne,
the symbol of the french nation.

she has gone on to marry and have two daughters,
design her own very successful line of clothing and perfume,
work as a consultant for Jean Paul Gaultier
(and even model for him occasionally,)
and at 52 she is now the spokeperson for
the famous french shoe brand,

it sounds to me like a life
that has been very well lived.

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