Wednesday, December 16, 2009

♥ tough as nails.

remember that time i said that i spent the better part of my high school
career painting my nails each night to match the next day's outfit?

well, melissa of the spectacular blog, the daily nail,
takes my personal challenge (one full school year)
and crushes it in one beautifully manicured swoop.
upping the ante to 365 days and 365 brand new nail designs,
this slot machine artist literally has her hands full!

why did she choose to participate in this challenge you might ask?
melissa says that she needed to do something to justify
her obsession with buying nail polish.
her collection has grown steadily from 75 bottles
when she first started at the end of september this year
to well over 230 bottles and counting!

here are some of my favorites so far,
the girl definitely nailed it:

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. i'm also remembering the wearing a different thing every day of school challenge as well...did you pull that one off i forget, i'm thinking yes

  2. you know, it's healthy to set personal goals hahaa. yes, i think i did make it the school year without duplicating outfits and with a fresh coat of polish every day, but i was not named best dressed in high school, so i took it as a big loss!


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