Wednesday, December 9, 2009

♥ a sister is a bit of childhood that can never be lost.

this past weekend my irish twin sister, lissy turned 25.
which means for an entire week we are both the same age
until i turn 26 this saturday and also double the cake!!

being born less than a year apart from someone is very
strange and very wonderful all at the same time.
on the one hand, we are very close
no, we can't read each other's minds like real twins..
but on the other, we are incredibly different.

she's tall; i'm short
she's an old soul; i swear this is my first life.
she prefers jeans and jerseys; i wear ball gowns.

one thing we do have in common is our lovely childhood
and our desire to return there whenever we are together–

which is precisely why we spent this evening
crafting our very own bib necklaces out of materials
that lissy picked up at our local arts and crafts store:

we used:
black & cream colored felt
an assortment of buttons
black ribbon
gold chain
colored gems
& a little bit of creativity.

it is always good to return to the place
where you first started dreaming,
and for me, that place is
at home, at the kitchen table,
sitting side by side
with my sister.

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. This really brightened up my day. Reminds me of myself and my best friend. :)

  2. sami, those are too cute!
    i hope i see them gracing the halls of the BDC

  3. Happy Birthdays to you both. I know i knew... but must have forgot how close you really were in age!


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