Thursday, December 10, 2009

♥ failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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in preparation for the long, dreadful winter months ahead
my boyfriend and i have been getting our happy little burrow ready
by insulating our windows, unpacking extra blankets,
and making every corner more cozy and
sparkly for the holiday season.

and while everything is perfectly lovely on the homefront,
i have to say that i completely missed the mark this morning
with my ill prepared winter wardrobe.

stranded in my apartment without an umbrella or pair of gloves in sight,
i was forced to brave the elements wearing nothing but
a trench coat, my new winter boots and my boyfriend's dickie.
that's right, an honest to goodness dickie.


here are a few images of what i should have been wearing
on the first day of snow, care of the sartorialist.

these lightly layered lacey ensembles.

a touch of leopard, lace and fur never hurts.

i need to skip the dickie next time and get me a turban.

love this oversized scarf.

in winter it really has to be all about creative layering and lots of textures.
the more the merrier!

and always, always an unexpected pop of color.
never a dickie. if you can help it.

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