Friday, December 4, 2009

♥ Q: what's black and white and red all over?

A: a zebra with a sunburn!
and, more importantly..

this ridiculously fabulous zebra wallpaper from scalamandré.
it will seriously have you seeing stripes!
if it looks familiar to you at all –
congratulations, you have excellent taste in movies.
this whimsical, fantastical wallcovering was featured in margot's room
in the wes anderson indie classic, the royal tenenbaums (2001).

what you may not know is that this wallpaper was originally designed
in the 40's specifically for hunting enthusiast/ italian restaurateur,
and personal friend of the scalamandré family, gino circiello,
for his iconic eatery, aptly named: gino's.

{image via the new york times}

a tourist attraction all on it's own, this wallcovering full of jaunty zebras
is truly as "swish & stylish" as it was over sixty years ago,
which is exactly why it has been revived yet again
for this season's national ads.

at a time when designers everywhere are "going back to their roots,"
it is appropriate that companies like scalamandré would choose
to go back to a style that has clearly worked in the past,
fits into any decade without ever looking dated,
and is as fresh and new as the day it was created.

and of course, this advice applies to fashion too:
i love to contrast this black and white zebra print dress
with a bold red lip.

these giuseppe zanotti pumps would be the visual equivilant
of wearing the zebra wallpaper on your feet! love!!

and did i mention that the wallpaper comes in other colors,
like zanzibar gold? it looks just like this shirt from leifsdottir:

also, a touch of zebra, like this tolani scarf and
adds a ton of timeless potential to any bold color,
like red, yellow or green.

be careful: these looks may cause a stampede
(to the nearest store, that is!)

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I love zebra print! Did you notice my phone cover, yup...zebra!

  2. hah i love that we did the same title, maybe ill find loads of people who did and we can all have a nosey.
    i love the wall paper, im surprised i didnt notice it in the film because its one of my favourites, i love anything by wes anderson x


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